by - July 12, 2017


I'm an avid eyeliner fan. Every time I ran out of eyeliners, I would try a new one. For a while I would use the Seventeen Super Black liquid liner, and did re-purchase that many times. But for the most part, I would always try something new. 

Because of this, a couple of months ago I tweeted for liquid eyeliner recommendations, and one of them suggested the Soap & Glory Supercat. This very quickly became one of my favourite liners to use. I never really used the pen/felt style ones before, not because I hated them.. I just never really gave them a chance. 

First impressions, I thought the nib was too thick. I thought it was going to be hard to apply. I was wrong. This applies SO easily. One thing I love about this style of eyeliner is that you don't have to wait for it to dry. At least not for very long. (If you're using a setting spray I suggest you still wait a minute or so, but that's hardly anything compared to a liquid or gel liner.) My fiancé jokes that I may as well buy a sharpie when I use eyeliner like that. (I mean it is basically almost technically a felt tip, but, you know..) So from a male prospective, I totally see where he's coming from.. haha.

When I use a setting spray, this does last all day. However, if I don't, it does tend to rub a very small amount. Like, a tiny amount.. and this is only at the end of the day. Plus I think this is largely down to the fact I have combination skin, and have an oily t-zone. 

Overall, I would give this 8/10. I'd give the extra point if the staying power was that little bit stronger, and possibly if the colour transferred a tiiiiny bit darker. But in general, it's a pretty FAB liner and I will continue to purchase it because it applies like a dream. What's your favourite eyeliner? I'm always looking for more recommendations.

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  1. I love this eyeliner so much! It makes it so easy to do a cat eye!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I literally don't feel complete without a winged liner �� So I can totally relate. Great post lovely xx Imogen

    1. Literally same. I feel my eyes don't look awake otherwise hahaha! xx

  3. I used this eyeliner religiously a few years ago. I need to get back into wearing liquid liner again and buy another tube of this. It makes eyeliner soo much easier to do!